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Subway Parkour APK Download 2024- Free

Slot Bandito

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Subway Surfers 

Subway Surfers is a classic endless running game. You play Jack, who is surfing in the subway, trying to escape the irritable detective and his dog. In this endless running game, you need to avoid trains, trams, obstacles, etc. in order to walk as far as possible. Collect coins to unlock power and special equipment, helping you go further each time you are among subway surfers. In addition, coins can be used to unlock different characters and chessboards. By using the buttons, you can customize your character and upgrade the air cushion board with special features. Don't forget to complete the reward, as they will give you the key. In "MyTour", you can receive rewards for completing daily word searches. You can also find tasks there. Sybo created Subway Surfers in 2012. Until today, it is still one of the most popular online games!

Subway Surfers uses HTML5, so you can now play games online on your phone and tablet in the browser on Poki. In addition, you can still play Subway Surfer on your PC. You can play games for free without downloading. If you are interested in games like Subway Surf, please check out our running game. Enjoy surfing on Poki!

What is the latest world?

Surfing from the magical underwater world, this time takes us back to the first updated subway surfer map 12 years ago! Return to the magical world where everything began, rediscover the classic charm that stole our hearts. Rush over the iconic red wall, explore colorful houses, and leap onto the legendary bridge. The classic world is full of memories, but there is always new space for adventure. Join us and create new memories together!

How to play subway surfing online?

You can play this game on Poki using the keyboard:

Left/Right Arrow - Move Left/Right

Up Arrow - Jump

Down Arrow - Scroll

Space - Activate Air Cushion Board

Can you play subway surfing online for free on your computer?

You can play games for free in the browser without downloading games. Use keyboard and mouse to play subway surfing games. You can even access full screen mode on your computer.

Who created the "subway surfer"?

Subway Surfers was created by Sybo, headquartered in Denmark. According to data from Sybo Games (2021), The download volume of Subway Surfer reached a record breaking 1.8 billion times.

What are the characters among Boki subway surfers?

Jack: The original subway surfers and our main surfers!

Prank: the mind of a true perfectionist and surfer!

Yutani: a technical genius and a person obsessed with science. She still thinks she doesn't come from this world...

Lucy: We live in punk on the street, and someone has to put some pressure on the guards..

Tagbot: The first robot among subway surfers!

Ninjas: Every good team needs a martial artist, and we have a ninja!

Tasha: A fitness master among a group of people!

King: He is the king, do we need to say more?

Brody: Cool cat wearing sandals, everyone wants to be him...

When was "Subway Surfer" released?

Subway Surfer was released globally in 2012. Since 2018, it has been on Poki!

Why create a "subway surfer"?

The inspiration for Subway Surfers comes from a love for skateboarding, graffiti, hip-hop culture, music, and street life. You can see all these influences scattered throughout the game and every new world!

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